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We are pleased to welcome you to our Optometry practice. Adele Cowley Optometrists is one of the leading eye care and eyewear providers in Mpumalanga. Our commitment to you, our patient, is to provide the highest level of professional optometric care with uncompromising personalized service. Because we know how much your eye health, vision, and appearance can mean to the quality of your life, we are committed to excellence in servicing your complete eyecare needs.

Adèle Cowley Optometrists consists of qualified Optometrists and Opticians who endlessly pursue to provide quality professional eye examinations. Well trained Optical Dispensers and Fashion Consultants are also known for their friendly services in all our outlets.

Adèle Cowley Optometrists is committed not only to help people see better with their vision but also look better with fashionable eyewear.

Eye Examination

Patients are provided with a thorough eye examination using the very latest technology enabling us to screen for ocular and systemic conditions that may need treatment.

These examinations take a little longer than the basic service you might receive elsewhere and enables us to carry out the Optos Retinal Scan as well as the very latest “M-Pod” test.

At the conclusion of your consultation, you will be issued with a full refractive result as your personal prescription.

We are registered with the HPCSA to carry out the necessary tests which are involved for driving licence renewals. Early detection in children is important, to ensure that they achieve full potential whilst at school.

Lenses & Contacts

We supply all types of lenses, from single vision to tailor made varifocals. They are available in standard plastic, polycarbonate or glass right up to the thinnest anti-reflection coated plastic materials. Coloured lenses are available if required after a colorimetry test for those who struggle with reading due to distortion caused by different kinds if lights.

We use major manufacturers at the forefront of lens design to supply our spectacle lenses, such as Carl Zeiss, Essilor and Rodenstock, specialising in Varilux lenses, and can offer the tailor made IPSEO bespoke Varilux lens.

Major contact lens manufacturers Bausch and Lomb, Ciba Vision, Johnson and Johnson and many more, supply our contact lenses. Contact lenses are available for occasional wear or continuous wear. We can also supply coloured contact lenses, both realistic and fun colours.


The practice is dedicated to providing everyone with the very best eye care and eyewear.

We have the very latest eye examination room equipment and offer a wide range of eye care and eyewear products, including all types of spectacle lenses and contact lenses, together with a large selection of spectacle frames.



Eye Care 

A routine eye examination can reveal more than just what you can see. Eyesight is such an important sense for all of us, just imagine what life would be like without it. Everybody can and should take steps to have their eyes checked regularly, usually about every two years.


An eye examination not only assesses how well you can see and whether improvements could be made with spectacles, contact lenses or even eye exercises, it also reveals how healthy your eyes are, as well as giving you information about your general health.

When an optometrist looks into your eyes he or she will be able to see the blood vessels at the back of the eyes and changes to these may reflect changes elsewhere in the body, such as diabetes or blood pressure. Early detection of such problems not only preserves your eyesight but can help improve your quality of life. Other tests can include measurements of eye pressure, how well the eyes work together, separately, and assessment of the peripheral vision.

At Adèle Cowley Optometrists we are proud of the equipment we are able to offer in practice to be able to detect eye problems.

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